The first system that makes sense for mid-sized chains. From the team that’s reinventing building controls for the giants.

Small and mid-sized chains: Riptide frees you to focus on people, not things.

We know that the customer experience is your top priority.  It’s why people come to your brick and mortar locations instead of just living online.  Comfortable temperatures and lighting (and food safety if you serve food) are part of that positive experience, and can hurt your brand when they go wrong.  Riptide makes sure things go right.  Your store team can focus on pleasing customers not chasing down equipment problems and repair techs.

Relevant, easy and affordable.

Until now, building automation has only made sense for the largest buildings, and not only because of the cost.  Traditional systems are designed for on-site engineers, whose job it is to analyze trend reports and dashboards.  With Riptide in the cloud, you don’t need on-site engineers to manage store equipment.  You have a simple and affordable app people don’t need to be engineers to use.

Of course it helps that Riptide develops cutting-edge solutions for the world’s largest retail chains.  You get the advantages of our innovations and experience in a package that makes sense for a retailer your size.

Automation bria-stores-restaurants
Large national retailers: Riptide Enterprise simplifies the complexities of enterprise building automation.

Riptide Enterprise counts among its clients the nation’s largest retail chains, for whom we provide tailored, innovative solutions for the challenges of integrating all the equipment found across your portfolio, both new and old.  We provide a menu of software and hardware solutions as well as professional services.

Riptide Enterprise has solved several of the critical barriers blocking the smart building industry from bringing value to building operators, such as:

  • Security: Making sure these newly connected buildings don’t add new security risks;
  • Connectivity: Dealing with the assets you already have regardless of vendor;
  • Data: Making it ready for analytics;
  • Ecosystem of applications: So many applications promising value, how do you chose? With Riptide, you don’t have to, our open platform makes it easy to share data with the applications you have or want.