Riptide Releases Smart Building Solution Specially Designed For Small & Medium Businesses

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Riptide Releases Smart Building Solution Specially Designed For Small & Medium Businesses

Internet of Things automation solution designed to put commercial buildings on auto-pilot 
SANTA BARBARA, CA – March 30, 2016 –– Riptide, developer of cloud-based building management solutions today announced its strategy to bring automation and control to the 7 million small to medium businesses operating in brick and mortar locations more affordably, quickly, and easily than traditional building automation systems.”Most multi-site small business owners have little visibility or control over their brick and mortar locations when they aren’t there,” said Mike Franco, co-founder and CEO of Riptide.  “They struggle with lights left on wasting energy, food spoilage because equipment failed or people complaining that it’s too hot or cold.”

Riptide’s Smart Building solution puts facilities management on autopilot. With Riptide, small business owners can easily connect and control their most important building assets, including lighting, door locks, refrigeration, and heating and cooling. Riptide’s solution automates operations with pre-programmed business rules that take necessary action or alert on issues. Riptide’s solution can be implemented in hours, requires little or no training, and is affordable to even the most modest, small business operating budget.

Seven million business establishments operate in 4.4 million small buildings across the United States. Preventing energy waste, food inventory losses, security breaches, poor indoor air quality, and uncomfortable conditions are all possible with automation. For energy savings alone, The New Buildings Institute estimates potential savings in small buildings ranges from 27 percent to 59 percent. Yet, most small buildings lack automation and control to help prevent these issues. Traditional building automation systems were designed for large buildings with on-site engineers. Although industry giants such as Apple and Google are developing products for the home automation market, they typically lack business-grade features such as network security and multi-site management. With today’s announcement, Riptide has made the benefits of automation accessible to small to medium businesses providing comfort, security, and management oversight all necessary to maintain the right building experience for their customers, students, employees and patients.

Riptide’s technology partners include Google Cloud, Intel, Dell and Datastax. In November 2015, Daikin Applied became a minority shareholder in the company. Riptide is focusing its launch on the retail and retail food markets.

About Riptide 

Founded in late 2012, Riptide’s mission is to make every building an exceptional experience. The company’s solutions give visibility and control over brick & mortar operations without being onsite. Riptide’s offering is easy, affordable, and most importantly brings smart building automation to the underserved small business market. Daikin Applied, the world’s largest air conditioning manufacturer is a minority shareholder in Riptide. Riptide is based in Santa Barbara, CA, with development offices in Bangalore, India. Riptide is a member of Intel’s Internet of Things Solution Alliance.

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