RealComm-Intelligence at the Edge

By June 12, 2014Retail
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Join Riptide IO in Las Vegas at IBCON for a lively discussion with Intel, Skyfoundry, Tridium and Daikin on “Intelligence at the Edge”.

Intelligence at the Edge – SMART DEVICES Delivered

For the most part, the equipment found in buildings is not very “smart.” Devices connected to controllers, and possibly to the network (Internet), have offered minimal functionality. What happens when devices come from the factory with a whole new level of intelligence and connectivity? Right out of the box, the equipment is connected to the network either by hardwire or wireless and is ready to send data, allow for monitoring and control and facilitate predictive analytics. This enlightening session will feature state-of-the-art discussions on the status of IP-enabled building equipment.

Moderators: Marti Ogram, Riptide IO

Speakers: Kevin Facinelli, Daikin Applied; John Petze, SkyFoundry; Scott Shull, Intel; Jonathan Rodriguez, Tridium


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