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Chinese Hackers Show Humans Are Weakest Security Link

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Some of the biggest companies in the U.S. remain vulnerable to one of the oldest hacking tricks in the book, according to yesterday’s indictment of five Chinese military officials accused of stealing trade secrets. The common tactic, called spearphishing, was used to access the computer networks of companies including United States Steel Corp. and Alcoa Corp., according to the U.S. Justice Department,…

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Why Do Retailers Need Smarter Stores?

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Store traffic is down 22%, and CEO’s can’t continue to blame it on the weather. Shoppers are making fewer trips and visiting fewer stores once in a mall. In this environment, retailers can’t afford to lose any sale, or waste money. The fixed cost of real estate together with personnel and operating expenses put brick and mortar retailers at a…

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50 Most Promising IoT Companies 2014

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CIO Review Magazine has selected Riptide IO as “one of the 50 Most Promising Internet of Things (IoT) Companies in 2014”. The Internet of Things is viewed as the next phase of the Internet era where everyday devices and equipment will be connected to the Internet. Riptide IO is a vertically focused Internet of Things company solving problems for brick…

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