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Open Positions

BMS Engineer – for Tech Company as a contractor (Red Badge)

Contact: Michael Franco,

Establishes and maintains network and building management system performance; troubleshooting network problems and programming for BMS.

Engineer Job Duties and Experience Needed:

  • Maintain existing networking and building management environment by updating and designing system configuration; directing system installation; defining, documenting, and enforcing system standards.
  • Manage Direct Digital Control systems applied to HVAC, Lighting and/or Energy Management
  • Experience with BACnet, LON, Modbus and other communication protocols
  • Software system configuration, administration, troubleshooting
  • Understanding of Networking – architecture, configuration, troubleshooting
  • Programming languages (Python, C, C++, C#, Java, Java script, etc.) to supplement the system build features
  • Proficient in databases and management systems for application development (SQL Server)
  • Maximizes network and system performance by monitoring performance; troubleshooting network problems and outages; scheduling upgrades; collaborating with network architects and facilities services on network and system optimization.
  • Secures system by establishing and enforcing policies; defining and monitoring access; monitoring building device activity and health.
  • Updates job knowledge by participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.
  • Web scripting/coding (HTML including HTML5, XML, AJAX, PHP, ASP, FLEX, JQuery)
  • Support and integration of devices managed with database-backed applications (Cassandra, SQL)
  • Reporting network operational status by gathering, prioritizing information; managing projects.
  • Structured work hours (7AM-4PM) to ensure on-site presence for issue management.

Engineer Skills and Qualifications:

Project Management, Problem Solving, LAN and BMS Knowledge, Proxy Servers, Networking Knowledge, Network Design and Implementation, Network Troubleshooting, Network Hardware Configuration, Network Performance Tuning, Building Management and Engineering.

Veterans encouraged to apply.

Front-end, Mobile First Developer - Santa Barbara, Ca

We are looking for a talented team player, capable of leveraging our core technologies and working with our UX/UI team to bring building automation out of the dark ages.

The ideal candidate knows the software development process across multiple platforms, including web, iOS, Android and emerging platforms (e.g. Glass and WatchKit), and is able to apply technical expertise, customer understanding, and tool capability to create magic. Key areas of expertise include: extensive HTML5 and JavaScript experience, rapid prototyping and development with “mobile first” philosophy, and excellent verbal/written communication ability. Angular, D3, Python and Cassandra skills are a plus.

Position is full time in Santa Barbara.

If you’d like to learn more, please email us your resume and link to related work.

Software Developer - Bengaluru Area, India

Job description

Riptide IO has multiple openings for Python programmers in dev and dev-test teams. We are looking for full-time entry-, mid- and expert-level Python programmers.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Write idiomatic PEP8 compliant object-oriented Python code.
  • Identify and write unit tests & functional tests using any of the testing frameworks in Python. Familiarity with py.test is a plus!
  • Ability to demonstrate an idea by writing quick test-/toy-programs in Python.
  • Learn and use the standard libraries whenever possible and not to reinvent the wheel by writing new code.
  • Knowledge of Python libraries for web services, ReST API’s, etc.
  • Zeal to do profiling, performance tuning, optimization, etc.
  • Do not hesitate to use debuggers whenever needed.
  • Familiarity with async frameworks in Python.

Experience in the following areas is a plus:

  • You must have experience in Git and its work flows.
  • Proficient in Linux.
  • Experience with at least one continuous integration tool.
  • Experience (or at least interest) in Energy Analytics, Big Data and Cloud Technologies, Building/Home Automation, Cassandra, etc.
  • Knowledge of protocols like BACnet, Modbus, Zigbee, etc. Having used and/or tested at least one industry standard product which involves these protocols is a big plus.

You will be very much liked by us if you do the following (IOW, please hit the “Apply for this job” button):

  • Attend PyCon India regularly; Participate in monthly BangPypers meetup. If possible, contribute to the community!
  • Contribute to [Python based] open source projects.

The openings are based in Bangalore. Please apply if-and-only-if you are based in Bangalore or willing to relocate to Bangalore.

If you would like to know more about the company, people or the job description, please send us an email –


DevTest Engineer - Bengaluru Area, India

Job description
We are looking for a Senior QA Engineer with experience in the Building Automation and Energy Management domain.

EXPERIENCE: Minimum 5+ years in QA. Maximum ~10 years.

Your past experience must include testing and troubleshooting Building Automation products which deal with protocols like BACnet, Modbus etc. Experience in field deployments and in-field trials are highly desired.

Additionally, you must have a strong background in Computer Science and Quality Assurance.

Desired Skills and Experience

To qualify for this role, you MUST:

  • Have strong knowledge in Building Automation domain. You must have working knowledge of protocols like BACnet, Modbus etc, having tested at least one industry standard product which involves these protocols.
  • Have experience in setting up a lab where a Device-Under-Test can be hooked up to other Building Automation devices involving various transport mechanisms.
  • Have strong knowledge of computer networking and the OSI model.
  • Have strong QA & troubleshooting skills. You must be able to come up with test cases and also test all aspects of a given deployment scenario.
  • Have good linux expertise. Shell scripting experience is a plus.
  • Have experience testing & troubleshooting performance bottlenecks on a linux system.
  • Know Python. You must be comfortable writing idiomatic python code and be familiar with the python standard library.
  • Be comfortable using restful web-services. You must be able to write test scripts which make HTTP requests given ReST API documentation for a particular product.

Experience in frontend testing and exposure to cloud technologies is a plus.

Site Reliability Engineer - Bengaluru Area, India

Job description


  • Perform deep dives into both systemic and latent reliability issues.
  • Serve as a primary point of contact for the overall health, performance, security and scaling related issues for one or more of our Internet-facing services.
  • Troubleshoot issues across the entire stack: hardware, software, application and network.
  • Develop tools, operational enhancements and automated solutions to improve our ability to rapidly deploy and effectively monitor custom applications in a large-scale *inx environment.
  • Support agile delivery of SaaS applications, product releases, infrastructure and optimizations in concert with development and QA teams.
  • Participate in a 24×7 on-call rotation.



  • Minimum 5 years of managing services in an internet scale *nix environment.
  • Practical knowledge of various aspects of service design. Strong knowledge of Operating Systems and Networking.
  • Expertise on Linux administration and Network Security.
  • Shell scripting expert;  Must be comfortable in writing idiomatic python code and be familiar with the python standard library.
  • Familiarity with common Internet protocols and their server side implementations.
  • Config Management Systems experience – one of Ansible, Puppet or Chef.
  • Experience managing NoSQL databases like Cassandra, MongoDB, Voldemort, etc.
  • Experience working with tools like StatsD, Graphite, Zabbix, Sensu, ELK Stack.
  • Solid knowledge about Firewalls and VPN devices.
  • Containerization (Docker) and Micro Services