From schools, to healthcare, to commercial buildings, Riptide gives you the control and data you need. No more, no less.

A system for every type of facility.

Riptide develops innovative cloud-based technology solutions to manage buildings and their equipment.  We offer a turn-key packaged solution that makes sense for small and mid-sized users, while our Riptide Enterprise group works with the largest enterprises.

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The Riptide smart building solution.

Riptide’s smart building solution is specifically for small multi-unit operations and mid-sized facilities.  It is a turn-key monitoring and control system featuring an easy-to-use cloud-based app that works with any mobile device.  Designed for small to medium-sized buildings that lack a traditional automation system, it’s suitable for schools, healthcare facilities, any commercial building – and of course retailers.  Remotely manage your equipment, which will let you know of potential problems so you can fix them proactively.  We’ll get you set up with the right kit and our cloud-based application at an affordable cost.

Riptide Enterprise.

Riptide Enterprise offers an open data management platform, customized cloud-based software solutions, a hardware “hub” that integrates incompatible protocols, and design/engineering consulting.  For major national retailers and other enterprise clients, our innovations have solved several of the critical barriers blocking the smart building industry from bringing value to building operators, such as:

  • Security: Making sure these newly connected buildings don’t add new security risks;
  • Connectivity: Dealing with the assets you already have regardless of vendor;
  • Data: Making it ready for analytics;
  • Ecosystem of applications – so many applications promising value, how do you chose?  With Riptide, you don’t have to, our open platform makes it easy to share data with the applications you have or want.