Our mission: Make every building an exceptional experience.

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You rely on your real estate, and the equipment that runs it, to support your ultimate purpose, be it happy shoppers, successful students, gratified guests, or healthy patients.  Riptide’s mission is to help you deliver on yours.  We enable exceptional experiences by making your physical environment easier to oversee and control.

Why don’t things just work?

Delivering and maintaining that perfect experience hasn’t been easy for operators with small to mid-sized facilities.  Keeping the lights on, the air comfortable and the food cold all sound like simple things.  But they get complicated fast, particularly when you have multiple sites.  Old equipment, bad settings, battles over comfortable temperatures.  The list of what goes wrong goes on.

Introducing facilities “self” management

Recognizing an enormous gap, we took our decades of experience in cutting-edge building systems for big players and created the first simple solution for the small to mid-sized operator and multi-site retailer.

We borrowed from innovations in Cloud, Web, Internet of Things and consumer apps to come up with an easier approach.  So easy, we call it “Facilities self-management.”  With systems on auto-pilot.  Equipment diagnosing itself.  And service calls as easy as Uber.

Riptide: because the best-run buildings build great brands

Our total focus is on helping you run everything just as it should.  Without needing armies of analysts or HVAC rock stars.  Whether you have 10 buildings or 10,000, we are committed to smart, connected and simple-to-run.

To underscore our commitment to simplicity, we even changed our name from Riptide IO to Riptide.

Meet our founding team
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Mike Franco
Co-founder and CEO

Mike oversees the operations of the business.  He has 20 years experience as a technology executive — leading teams in product, project and program management.  This is his 3rd technology start-up – with each previous tour-of-duty resulting in a successful exit.  Previous to Riptide, he managed the international services team for Cisco Systems Smart+ Connected Buildings.

Mike is a native of Santa Barbara and is often found catching waves down the street from his house in his free time.  When the surf is small, he will resort to sessions of fantasy golf.

About Us D-Leimbrock

Dave Leimbrock
Co-founder and CTO

Dave is responsible for the technology vision and software engineering at Riptide.  Dave is passionate about making software that customers love to use.  He has spent the past 10 years leading engineering teams and is a practitioner of agile development.  He served two stints at Cisco Systems – with his last role managing an engineering team within Cisco’s Emerging Technology Group.

When Dave is not coding, he may be found mountain climbing and trying to stop his toddler from pulling his programming books off the shelf for fun.

About Us M-Ogram-Pix

Marti Ogram
Co-founder and VP Sales and Marketing

Marti is responsible for sales, partnerships, and marketing.  She was the Global Business Development manager for Cisco Systems’ Smart+Connected Building Group, and helped launch the original Mediator product as the Director of Marketing back in 2001.  She has spent over 15 years in sales and marketing leadership roles in technology and real estate start-ups.

Outside of work, she is probably watching her daughter play volleyball, her son surf, or doing yoga.

About Us S-Leimbrock

Shaun Leimbrock
Co-founder and VP of Product

Shawn has specialized expertise in building systems, having spent over 10 years in the industry . At Cisco, he led the technical services team for their Smart+Connected Building Group.  With a background in field services and product training, Shawn is the perfect person to help translate real-world needs into usable software.  Shawn leads our efforts to keep user-focused software a top priority at Riptide.

In his free time, Shawn can be found with his family, hiking, riding dirt bikes or heading to the mountains for some snowboarding.